Due to government work shortages and the holidays, please prepare for potential delays. If your order is not received within 2 weeks of a shipping notification, please DM us at @baycoapparel or email us at hellobayco@gmail.com.


As you can see, our site is a little barer than usual. We are in the process of designing and manufacturing all of our new items that will be ready to ship and available at the END OF NOVEMBER! Thank you for your patience as we make these big moves! Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @baycoapparel to keep up with our latest updates.



Little Bay Company LLC was established in April 2021 by our little traveling, military family of 3! We rebranded to Bay Co. Apparel in August 2021. As a former educator, teaching Business, Marketing, and Careers, I took my knowledge of business paired with my background in marketing and design and dove into my dream of being a designer and small business owner. I was born in Las Vegas, but grew up on the southern coast of NJ until heading off to NC for college! Growing up in Ocean City, NJ (OCNJ), I formed a love for the ocean, surfing, and lots of pizza at an early age. My hometown of OCNJ is the inspiration for my brand as it is known for being a small island with a surf-culture and only family-owned businesses.

Why Bay Co? My favorite street where I grew up is Bay Avenue. Off of Bay is where my soccer team played, my friends lived, and lots of memories were formed on the "sleepier" street of the island. I grew up next to the bay in NJ, then NC, and now we live near the Chesapeake Bay! Needless to say, I have never really lived away from the water and therefore my brand is rooted in laid-back, seaside vibes.

I promise to always maintain that small shop vibe, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out my messaging @baycoapparel on Instagram. Our email doesn't forward every email.

Thank you so much for stopping by and welcome to the Bay fam!

xx Lauren